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Are You Ready to 'Grow Up' & Enjoy Fresh Veggies?

Vertical Veggies Inc. is the best source for those already growing with the Tower Garden® System and for people looking to grow more of their own food in a safe, easy & reliable manner!

We are passionate about eating & growing fresh produce that tastes amazing!  We also recognize that it is hard to commit to gardening and serving your loved ones the most nutritious food possible each and every day.

To help families, communities & businesses achieve that goal in a fun & innovative way, Vertical Veggies proudly offers the following services:

1) Distribution of the Tower Garden® System & Accessories across North America.

2) Canada's original & largest Living Seedling provider for Tower Garden® growers! We offer an assortment of plants & growing expertise on how to get the most out of your tower throughout the entire growing season!

3) Purveyoers of seasonal Fresh Produce & Gourmet Grocery products that meet the highest quality standards and deliver exceptional health benefits!

Order Fulfillment

We are starting the 2021 season by offering PICK-UP in Uxbridge Ontario only until we
are confident that courier services will deliver the living seedlings in time!

We are currently evaluating shipment options across Southern Ontario...STAY TUNED!

Thank You for understanding!