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Butter Crunch Lettuce

Butter Crunch Lettuce


Our #1 Lettuce
Showcasing crisp, green, red-tinged leaves with a yellowish-white center, this organic bad boy maintains it’s buttery sweetness during the heat of summer and is more heat & bolt-resistant than other varieties

Growing / Harvesting
Buttercrunch lettuce loves the constant feeding and watering that the Tower Garden system offers. It is one of the only crops we offer for year-round planting both outdoors and indoors! We strongly recommend harvesting the whole head once it matures and immediately replanting another for continuous growing. Have at least 6-8 going at once as this is a lettuce that kids especially enjoy!

Ways To Enjoy
A salad bowl & sandwich favourite that delivers with big taste & crunch…Our favourite way to showcase the fresh flavour & delicate texture of the leaves is in lettuce or rice paper wraps!