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Crunchy Cucumber

Crunchy Cucumber


Boasting a bitter free taste & crunchy regardless of the size they’re picked, this is a classic organic cucumber strain that loves the constant irrigation the Tower Garden offers!
Cucumbers originated in India where they have been in cultivation for at least 3,000 years. The English word “cucumber” is a derivation of the Indian word kachumbar, which is still used today to describe an Indian salad made from cucumber, tomato, onion, & yogurt. Cucumbers became one of the most ubiquitous ingredients of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The Romans loved them, Charlemagne grew them in France in the 9th century, and Columbus introduced them to Haiti in 1494. 

Growing / Harvesting
Plant in Spring only in the bottom level of your Tower Garden.  We recommend 1-2 plants at most per tower system as these produce massive root and vine systems that can deplete water and tonic resources faster than greens & herbs.  Trim back roots with scissors if they grow close to your pump intake!  Allow vines to flow away from your tower base towards sunny patches.  DO NOT pick off flowers as this restricts self-pollination!  Cucumbers can be enjoyed at any size but mature at approximately eight inches,  After all fruits have bee harvested remove vines and roots for composting and clean up Tower garden to prevent staining and replant with a summer lettuce or herb immediately for continuous growing. 
Ways To Enjoy
Cucumbers are most nutritious when the peel is left on each fruit. They are, of course, over 90% water. But they’re a good source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium, as well as vitamin C. High in carbohydrates and dietary fibre.  Enjoy them on their own or create a beautiful cucumber salad to compliment a summer family meal!