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Dress Up Your Dish!
Perfect for growing at the top of your Tower Garden so you never run out!  The flavour of this Italian flat leaf strain is amazing when grown in the Tower Garden and the bright green colour makes it the perfect garnish!

Growing / Harvesting
Plant early and enjoy for months!  We suggest 1 plant at the top of your tower…2 if you absolutely love parsley!  These grow well in the Spring and as long as you constantly pick from the back/bottom to keep dead leaves and scruffiness under control, you will be able to enjoy each plant for a couple of months.  After that period we suggest harvesting the whole plant and starting fresh or replanting a cilantro in it’s place…these like the hot weather more than parsley!
Ways To Enjoy
Eaten raw, parsley contains significantly high levels of vitamins K, C, and folate, and it’s a very good source of the minerals potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron.  It appears that eating parsley increases the body’s uptake of manganese, which helps to build strong bones. This effect is enhanced if parsley is consumed with shellfish and other foods that are rich in copper and zinc.
In recent decades, the main North American use for curly parsley has been as a boring garnish in restaurants, not really meant for eating . But it is a richly flavoured, useful herb that enjoys a more central role in many dishes from southern Europe and the Middle East.  It is chopped with garlic and lemon zest to form gremolata, a topping for stews in Italy.  In France, it is just mixed with chopped garlic to create persillade, a tangy paste that is makes a beautiful topping for fresh oysters.  It’s also an essential element (with thyme, marjoram, and bay) of the herb combination known as Bouquet Garni. Parsley is the main ingredient of Lebanon’s national dish, tabbouleh — mixed with bulgar, tomato, mint, scallions, lemon and olive oil. Try it as a pesto with walnuts that can be frozen for future enjoyment!